Twist Up takes a shine

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Due to high demand, RPC Bramlage has created a dedicated decoration line for the hot foil stamping of its market-leading Twist Up Airless dispenser.

The new line enables eye-catching effects to be created to maximise product branding and on-shelf appeal. A variety of finishes can be created, such as glossy or brushed metal, while the container itself can be manufactured in a matt or glossy finish.

Twist Up technology works by turning the upper part of the dispenser to reveal the dispensing head. The dispenser offers consistent controlled dosing and hygienic application of lotions, creams and gels and then closes in the 'down' position to protect its contents. A clicking sound confirms that the dispenser has been safely opened and closed. Airless technology helps to preserve the natural ingredients to ensure the products remain fully effective throughout their usage.

The overall pack mimics the appearance of a conventional overcapped dispenser to enable it to fit into existing family ranges.

Twist Up is available in three sizes – 20ml, 30ml and 50ml. Other decoration options for the container include labelling, foil stamping, lacquering, metallisation, offset printing, screen printing and pad printing.

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