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A marble-effect finish for RPC Zeller Plastik Zell’s classic ‘Supersoft’ tube cap is helping to meet the twin demands of the personal care sector for a quality image and convenience.

The need to create a positive consumer experience for personal care products means both packaging convenience and ease of application are becoming crucial.  This has led to an increase in the use of plastic tubes, where closure innovation is an important element in the success of packs for skin, face and hair care.  Equally important is to ensure that affordable beauty still has a premium look.

The new marble-effect finish for the Supersoft cap meets these requirements. Utilising special masterbatches, the marble effect is obtained by adding chosen colours to the cap base colour during the injection moulding process. Due to their different MFI (Melt Flow Index), the colours of the innovative masterbatch melt time-delayed and the marbles appear. This random distribution of the additional colours creates individual patterns which give each product its own unique appeal while keeping a recognisable design throughout the product range.

"The new exciting colours fit perfectly into the market trend for uniqueness as well as brands' needs for differentiation and personalisation", explains Julia Hartwig, Sales Manager – Personal Care at RPC Zeller Plastik Zell, Germany. "The caps with marble effect are all different and can be designed according to the colours of the printed tube - up to seven colours can be mixed in this way."

In 1980, RPC Zeller Plastik Zell was the first manufacturer to launch a hinged tube closure (HTC). Today it offers a broad range of designs available in multiple orifices.

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