#Greenpower with Ecosolution

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The latest Ecosolution™ high viscosity pump from RPC Bramlage offers the benefits of effective product protection, efficient evacuation and single material construction to provide one of the most sustainable airless pump solutions on the market.

Both the Ecosolution™ pump and Vega AirFree® bottle are made 100% of polyolefin, which is fully incorporated in the recycling chain. In particular, the pump contains no metal or glass parts to impede its recycling.

The AirFree® bottle features an inner pouch with an EVOH layer that prevents oxygen ingress for extended product protection, particularly suitable for those containing natural ingredients and without preservatives. The pouch also prevents any contamination of the bottle by the formula, providing a clean external layer for recycling.

The easy-to-use pump is able to handle even the most viscous creams and gels with high efficiency, delivering a 97% restitution rate for even the thickest formulae. This compares to typical restitution rates of around 80% for atmospheric systems, reducing product waste while delivering a positive consumer experience and enhanced brand perception.

The Ecosolution™ pump and Vega bottle combination is available in a variety of sizes from 50ml to 500ml. The pump can be specified with two different actuators – a long version or a short one with overcap – along with a choice of decoration options for personalisation and on-shelf differentiation. For maximum consumer convenience, the pump can operate in any orientation.

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