Rispharm & Rispharm R2 Activated nozzle and Cap

Winner of Prestigious Packaging Innovation Award at Pharmapack, Activated Rispharm helps reduce eye microbial infections for Patients and Consumers Pylote technology integration into Rispharm™ allows patients to have hygienic applications for every use with a multidose dropper. Activated Rispharm™ is proven and certified effective against conjunctivitis virus, Escherichia Coli and Staphylococcus aureus bacteria.


Standardized Name
LDPE PP Activated Rispharm
Family name
Activated Rispharm
Berry Global EntityCPI
  • Caps & Closures
    • Overcaps
      • Tamper Evident
    • Dispensers & Dosing
      • Droppers
      • Medical Devices
        • Ophthalmic
          • Eye Drops
        • CPI
          • Healthcare
            • Pharmacy
              • Surgical
                • Medical Components
                  • Pharmaceutical & OTC
                    • Vitamins, Minerals, & Supplements
                    • Technical Services
                      • On-Site Services
                        • Engineering Support
                          • Field Service
                            • Automation Capacity
                            • Process Support
                              • Pilot Line
                            • Manufacturing
                              • Injection Molding
                                • Multi-Component Injection Molding
                              • Product Development
                                • Product Innovation
                                  • Package Design
                                    • Material Science
                                      • Rapid Prototyping
                                      • Product Validation
                                        • Testing & Qualification
                                          • Certification
                                            • Clean Room
                                            • Regulatory
                                              • FDA Support
                                            Factory Locations
                                            • Berry Global Bangalore
                                            • Berry Global Offranville
                                            Country Serviced / Available In
                                            • Global
                                              • Africa
                                                • Asia
                                                  • Europe
                                                    • Mexico, Central America & Caribbean
                                                      • North America
                                                        • Oceania
                                                          • South America
                                                          Features / Benefits

                                                          The 30 year review scientific study on the proven risk of microbial contamination represented by the tips and caps of ophthalmic droppers is now published on MDPI proves the microbial contamination of the dropper tip and cap of in-use eye drops.


                                                          • Self decontamination of tip and cap
                                                          • Identical patient treatment methods
                                                          • Same packaging design and use of existing manufacturing/filling lines
                                                          • Plastic waste X16 times less for 1-month treatment vs. monodose solutions
                                                          • Different nozzle sizes, cap sizes and flow control options

                                                          Read the press release of Activated Rispharm

                                                          Watch the Activated Rispharm Video

                                                          Pharmapack Packaging innovation award

                                                          End Use / Recommended Applications
                                                          Ophthalmic Drug Delivery Conjunctivitis Allergies Styes Iritis Keratitis. Blepharitis.

                                                          + Global

                                                          Alternative Reference
                                                          Activated Rispharm Nozzle & Cap
                                                          Sample Request AvailableNo
                                                          Manufacturing TechnologyIM - Injection Moulding

                                                          + Physical Properties

                                                          Color(s)Clear. Natural. White. Custom Color
                                                          Custom color(s)
                                                          MaterialPlastic - LDPE, PELD. Plastic - PP

                                                          + Packaging Data

                                                          Pack TypeCaps, Lids. TE Closure. Nozzles. Drug Delivery Devices
                                                          Popular PacktagsPrimary Packaging
                                                          Neck Finish13 mm
                                                          Dispensing Type
                                                          • Flow Control

                                                            + Markets and Manufacturing Data

                                                            Bramlage Market
                                                            • Healthcare
                                                              MarketHealth. Pharmaceuticals
                                                              Market - SegmentPharmaceuticals
                                                              Market - End UseOTC (Over the Counter) Drugs. Prescription Drugs
                                                              Manufacturing Locations
                                                              • Berry Global Offranville (France)
                                                                • Berry Global Bangalore (India)
                                                                  Regional AvailabilityNorth America. Central America. Europe. Asia. South America. Oceania. Africa
                                                                  Solution type
                                                                  • For Liquid Solution

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