RPC Bramlage's 'Pretty' make-up stick provides beauty with a twist

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RPC Bramlage Beauté, part of the RPC Bramlage Division, has introduced an innovative and versatile standard make-up stick, ideal for a wide variety of products such as eyeshadow, lipstick, lipcare and solid perfume.

The PRETTY Jumbo Stick, manufactured at the RPC Bramlage Beauté factory in Marolles, France, combines effective product protection with an attractive appearance and ease of use for the consumer.

The airtight system ensures that in the locked, down position, no air can enter the container. To access the product, users simply twist-up the dispenser.

The PRETTY Jumbo Stick is produced, decorated and assembled in line. RPC Bramlage Beauté has also invested in a new machine to increase the choice of decoration techniques available to include stamping and heat transfer alongside metallizing, holographic, semi-transparent and 3D appearance, all of which ensure premium branding and on-shelf differentiation.

A full-service production and filling service is available in partnership with French filler Alkos.

Fun, light, practical and with a smooth finish, the PRETTY Jumbo Stick provides the perfect chic accessory for the style-conscious beauty consumer.

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