New pump provides large dose of convenience

A new airless pump from RPC Bramlage is offering numerous benefits including a large dose and ease of use. The XL5 has been designed for a variety of professional applications such as spa and hair care, but is equally suitable for larger family size or promotional packs for body care and other personal care products.

The XL5 pump fits onto the 500ml AirFree® Vinci bottle, which is ideal for family formats, and can also be easily adapted to larger sizes of bottles up to 1000ml.

The pump delivers an accurate 5ml dosage each time, with end-users able to control the operation to deliver the exact amount of product they require. Equally important, thanks to its patented AirFree® technology, the XL5 also offers the best restitution rate on the market today – ensuring evacuation of a minimum of 90% of product compared to lower rates for traditional atmospheric systems.

The XL5’s high-quality dispensing system features an ergonomically-designed actuator for easy and comfortable operation, and a large cylindrical bottle that ensures stability during usage. This enhances product delivery and makes the XL5 perfect for high viscosity formulas – such as hair and body treatments – that are less suited to atmospheric dispensing.

In addition, the metal-free pathway eliminates potential oxidation of the cream to maintain its quality. A lock-down feature ensures safe transit of pack throughout the supply chain.

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